Chilling Confessions of What NASA Astronauts Experienced in Space


In space, no one can hear you scream, but when you return to Earth, you can share with the world what was it that you’ve experienced, if you wish, and if people will believe you.

Space is a scary and dangerous environment, but brave astronauts over the years were sent to space to study, learn, explore and experiment. Most returned safely to tell and share their experiences, others weren’t so lucky, but in space, everyone experiences something, that’s for sure!

In this article, we’ll share with you 15 confessions of astronauts who’ve been to space and were willing to share what was it that they saw and heard, felt and experienced, no matter how strange, scary or creepy it may sound, or really be.

So, maybe we can’t experience space ourselves, but we can surely read about it now from first source, the people who were there and came back to tell about it.


Hearing Music in Headphones

The Apollo 10 mission was one of the most important missions in the history of space exploration, as it was a practice run for the first mission to the Moon. During this test run, astronauts needed to test the equipment and technology needed for this mission, and as the mission progressed, the astronauts started hearing various noises coming through their headphones, while being in space!

The astronauts remembered hearing a weird whistling sound that played throughout the helmets of everyone. It is possible that there is a logical explanation to this weird experience, it is still unclear as to what those creepy whistling sounds were.

You can be sure that chills went through the bodies of the astronauts and that this is one of those experiences that they will never ever forget. Maybe they can still hear these sounds to this day, only they know…


Glowing Spheres

Astronauts experience all kind of weird things in space, but few are open and forward about it. Yet, during the last years, more and more stories are coming out and shared from those astronauts who’ve been there and experiences things they cannot explain.

On May 5, 1981, Russian cosmonaut, Vladimir Kovalyonok was in space and saw something he simply couldn’t explain, but little did he know that this experience would change his life forever.

According Kovalyonok, he claims to have witnessed some kind of an object floating a small distance from his spacecraft. It floated there, and then let out an explosion, followed by a second explosion, which caused another object to appear. Then, a brilliant flash of white occurred, and only then all the objects disappeared.

Kovalyonok has no idea what was it that he saw that day in space, and it is still unexplained as to what was floating in the realm of space that could glow bright gold, and then vanish in a flash.


Snakes in Space

Crazy, right? We know it, but tell it to the astronauts sharing this chilling story about snakes in space, because how unlikely it sounds, it really happened, at least according to Dr. Story Musgrave.

Dr. Musgrave achieved many accomplishments in his life, so it would be weird to think that he lied about this amazing experience. His credibility is outstanding, and his story is equally bizarre, yet fascinating.

Dr. Musgrave claims that he with his own eyes a snake, floating through space. According to his description, this space snake was 8 feet long, and just floated there in the depths of space.

Dr. Musgrave says that the more he’s out there in space, the weirder things get and he sees and experiences even stranger things than before. He believes there’s a lot in space that people can’t and don’t understand, but that it is all real and out there.

If his story and experience is true, then there is a lot more in space we haven’t heard of, experienced or even know about.


Hearing a Knocking on the Space Shuttle

If you’re home alone, watching TV, it’s raining outside and you expect no one, but then there’s a knock on the door. It can be frightening for a second, yet logical that there may be someone outside your door. Now, imagine that same knock, only in space. Still logical? I don’t think so, but for sure a hundred times creepier.

Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei claims he heard a knock on his space shuttle when he was in orbit in 2003. It gets even weirder as that sound does not exist in the vacuum of space, so, what was this noise or knock and what was its origin? Who, or what, was knocking on the space shuttle wall? The answer is not known, or if it is known, it’s definitely not shared with the general public.


Strange Lights

Bizarre lights usually mean UFO encounter. Normally, when people see strange lights, or hear strange noises in the air, they automatically think about a possible UFO. American astronaut, Leroy Chiao, saw strange lights too, but it wasn’t on Earth, it was in space!

2005 was an amazing year for Chiao, as he was commander of the International Space Station and it was also his time to give strong leadership. However, just when he was leading his crew, it was then that he saw some strange lights out there in space.

According to Chiao, the lights were arranged in the shape of an upside-down check mark. These lights also flew right by him, and he had no idea what was it that he saw, what were these lights and what is the source of them.

And just like that, Leroy Chiao became another astronaut who has seen and experienced strange things while in space, and wasn’t afraid to say something about it. Question still remains, what were those strange lights in space?


Bizarre Transmission

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut that walked on the surface of the Moon. But, there are a lot of conspiracies as well surrounding the Moon landing.

There are those who believe that Armstrong actually walked on a movie set that resembled the Moon. One conspiracy theory centers around Armstrong and his words when he landed on the moon.

According to NASA, the transmission went silent for approximately two minutes after Armstrong landed on the Moon due to technological problems. However, fellow NASA employees say that they heard what Armstrong said during those silent moments.

According to this version, Armstrong said that he saw two gigantic UFOs that were hovering over the Moon, and that he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Neil Armstrong was a credible man, and this theory intrigues all who enjoy the history of space. True or not? I guess only Neil Armstrong knows…


A Cigar Shaped UFO

The Soviets and the US were competing for years during the space race. Both sides were trying to get their people up into space first, and even though the Russians were the first that actually got people into space, the space exploration for both sides have continued to this very day.

In 1991, it was Musa Manarov. a Soviet astronaut that captured something weird on his camera, something that would make any country’s astronaut shake in their space suit.

Most people may only tell stories about UFOs, but Manarov has real proof of the existence of strange phenomena. He was able to capture a cigar-shaped UFO in the emptiness and vastness of space.

It is hard to judge the distance, but it is clear that there is something strange going on. Now, it is up to you to believe this photo and findings or claim that it’s a fake, photoshopped, or has another reasonable explanation to it.


The Experiences of Gordon Cooper

Are you familiar with astronaut Gordon Cooper? He is actually an important figure to the evolution of space and space exploration.

Cooper flew both the Mercury 9 and the Gemini 5, but before all of that, though, he served in the Air Force, and that is where he had his first sighting. Cooper witnessed a “fleet” of UFOs. Not one UFO, not two, but a whole fleet of them. But that wasn’t everything, as he encountered another strange sighting 10 years later.

In 1963, Cooper saw an object that rushed toward him, and there’s even evidence to back this story, as this UFO or object was picked up on radar. Cooper experienced an interesting and amazing space career and the things he saw and experienced are still talked about to this day.


Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly has spent more time on the International Space Station than any other person in history. However, Kelly is also unique because he experienced some odd things while he was up there in space.

Scott Kelly hasn’t completely come out and claimed that he saw aliens, but he has hinted things that makes you think, wonder and maybe even scratch your head.

Once, Kelly was interviewed about his time in space, and during the interview, he made a joke about aliens having it easier in space than humans do. It could be just a joke of-course, but it could also be a clue as to the existence of alien beings outside of Earth.

Whatever Scott Kelly saw and experienced in space, he is telling out in the open, and we are left to decide whether he’s joking and dropping us hints to understand for ourselves.


Animal Corpses in Space

Before human beings were sent to space and achieved all the glory, animals were being used as testing fodder for space exploration. A monkey was the first animal that was launched into space, and Laika the Soviet dog was the first animal that was thrust into orbit.

However, there have also been many failures in lieu of the few successes of launching animals into space. So, space also holds the floating corpses of dead animals, corpses that can be seen by astronauts whenever they go up into space.


Donald Slayton

Donald Slayton was a Mercury astronaut and accomplished a great list of things during his interesting life. One of those interesting things that Slayton experienced was a creepy UFO encounter in 1951. At the time, Slayton wasn’t in space, but he still remembers clearly what he saw and experienced, something he will never forget.

Slayton was testing a P-51 fighter. He took off and was flying at around 10,000 feet when he noticed something strange in the distance. The object he saw turned out to be something that he couldn’t quite recognize or explain what it was.

Slayton claimed this object looked like a weather balloon, but it certainly moved as if it was an object with acceleration and speed, so it wasn’t any weather balloon. As Slayton followed this object, it suddenly pulled a 45 degree turn and sped away from him.

To this day, Slayton is not sure what was this object that he saw in Minneapolis, but he is certain that no one can explain 100% what it was or where it came from.


Recorded UFOS

Recording a UFO is a something big! Having a real and authentic evidence for the things people claim for years and years they have been seeing all over the world.

On May of 1962, Joseph Walker came out and claimed that his job was to spot UFOs. Believe it or not, but Walker was getting paid in order to detect UFOs up in the sky. It gets even crazier, as Walker actually claimed to have recorded two instances of UFOs flying in the sky.

But, we should all chill our excitement, as to this day, none of these recordings have been published nor seen by the public. In fact, Walker is very hush about the subject.

When asked about the subject, Walker simply repeats that he doesn’t want to talk about it. We all wonder if he actually recorded real UFOS or if he’s lying, and if he has authentic proof of UFOS, what was it he saw that he refuses to talk about? We wonder…


A UFO with a Mechanical Arm

When thinking about UFOs, one may imagine metallic disks that hover or fly through the sky. This of course is the typical UFO that is imagined by most people, but two astronauts claim that they have seen a UFO that looked very different from the “regular” cigar or circular shaped disks that many claimed that they have seen.

Astronauts Ed White and James McDivitt claim that they both witnessed something they just couldn’t explain. According to their statements, they were flying over Hawaii suddenly, they spotted something they couldn’t understand.

The two saw a metallic object, however, it wasn’t anything man-made or Earthly. Rather, this object had long arms protruding from it, and it was a disturbing image to think about, especially when you combine the image of abductions and UFOs together.


Code Words

Maurice Chatelain, who is former chief of NASA Communication Systems talked about the weird things he had heard about from his colleagues who were up in space.

Chatelain believed that astronauts should communicate about UFOS and aliens through their radio transmissions, and thought that the phrase “Santa Claus” was a term used to describe aliens.

He stated that many astronauts had seen these UFOS and that they used this code word in order to explain in secret what was it that they were seeing at the time.


Something Shiny on the Moon

For decades, people have been thinking and theorizing about space travel. Did astronauts really fly to space? And if so, then why did Alan Bean claim he saw something shiny on the Moon?

Alan Bean claimed in an interview that he saw something that looked like “shoe leather” on the Moon. This is of course a weird claim, as a proponent of conspiracy theories suggests that shiny things shouldn’t exist on the Moon. So, what did Alan Bean actually see?

Bean claims that space should be completely black and infinite, so how come he saw something shiny? Maybe he was imagining? Could it be glass domes as some conspiracy theorists suggest? Only he knows what he saw, and we’re not even sure that it was actually real or there.


When flying to extreme environments like space, a place where human beings are not accustomed to, things will happen or at least they’ll experience strange things. It could be that these things actually happened, but it could also be imagination or even hallucination.

Just be sure that as long as people will continue to fly to space and explore the further regions of space and the universe, we’ll hear more and more weird things that may or may not have happened, and that we won’t always be able to explain or even comprehend.




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