Real and Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Events that Happened to People


The absolutely terrifying stories in this article are genuine and happened to people all over the world. They are not made up, fiction or fantasy, these are true events that people had to courage to share on the internet, tell their sleep paralysis stories and personal experiences, on forums, Reddit and other social media sites.

We hope you enjoy this article, but remember that sleep paralysis is a real condition that anyone can suffer during his life. The challenge is know to recognise when it happens, and try to deal with it and get over this horrific experience quickly and calmly.



#1. Now, Alice Can’t Scream

Alice has been having the same dream over and over again since she was a little girl.

She wakes up in her bed, and just knows that there was someone in the house. She can hear his footsteps moving around, and slowly coming up the stairs.

Terrified, she’s thinking to herself that maybe if she’ll be quiet and stay still, this man won’t come for her. She can hear him advancing through the hall and towards her room and soon after she can even see his shadow, he was a Minotaur.

This Minotaur hold a knife and he’s coming for Alice, so she screams, wakes up, relieved it’s just a dream…only now there is really someone at her bedroom door…and this time…she can’t scream…


#2. Snapping Out of a Nightmare Moment

Ryan gets sleep paralysis quite a lot, but he never gets used to it. It is always scary, intense and there’s a feeling of great pressure as if someone or something holding you down.

He can’t speak, but often sees a dark figure out of the corner of his eye, only he is paralyzed, can’t speak nor turn his head to look at this figure and the entire situation is real scary.

However, Ryan is lucky today, as his partner is used to these events by now and the two have a code. Ryan signals his partner by starting breathing really quickly and loudly, and if his partner notices that, he then helps him snap out of this nightmare moment.


#3. Can Only Move the Eyes

Jen Clayton couldn’t move, her chest felt crushed and it was hard to breathe. She could also hear loud hammering.

A few feet away from her, a dark figure set on her chair and slowly started moving towards her. As this figure or thing got closer to Jen, the fear got stronger and all she could move were her eyes…

That’s all she remembers.


#4. Darkness Taking Over

This happens to Ting Diu every time she falls asleep on her back. She wakes up, but can’t tell if her eyes are open or shut, but somehow, she can see her whole room.

A dark presence is lurking on top of her wardrobe and as soon as Ting notices it, she tries to scream, but she can’t move.

Then, darkness slithers down the side of her wardrobe, across the floor and looms over the end of her bed. A bit later, this presence creeps all over Ting and she can feel a great pressure as if it has pinned her down and is now pushing its way into her ears, mouth and eyes.

This darkness then screams a horrible screech into Ting’s face. She tries to scream back, but can’t. Eventually, Ting manages to jerk her head and everything disappears.

She’s alone in her room now, it’s quiet, but she’s terrified to her bone!


#5. Someone or Something Sleeping Next to Me

Amber Lyons claims that this experience happens to her when she has too much sleep, but one time she got really scared and freaked out.

During one of her experiences, she thought she could hear chatter in the background and then she could also feel someone lying next to her, sleeping.

She could feel the weight behind her in bed, sleeping and snoring, which caused her to panic, because she knew there’s no one in the house but her, so who can be sleeping right now next to her?

Eventually, Amber woke up and moved back slightly, relieved that she felt no one there next to her. It still took her a while to relax and put that creepy and horrifying experience behind her.


#6. “Wake up, wake up, wake up!”

Vikki Halstead usually sees someone coming into her room with crazed grin upon his face, staring at her.

She tries to scream, but can’t, as she’s paralyzed. This figure leans over her and starts suffocating her and she can’t do a thing but feel a sense of total helplessness.

All she can do this entire time is repeating to herself: “Wake up, wake up, wake up!”


#7. One of the Scariest Situations in Her Life

Marama Gravett experiences this nightmare every now and then, but thankfully she already knows how to deal with it these days.

One of her worst experiences was when she was staying in a hotel with her boyfriend at the time. She remembers trying to move and scream, just about do anything to get his attention, but nothing that Maram does has any impact or even makes a sound, everything is silent and she’s inside her nightmarish experience!

Then, Marama is able to get up and tell her boyfriend what happened, and he bolted upright and strangled her. Only then, she finally wakes up from this creepy and terrifying nightmare and experience.

She can’t stop shaking, but so glad that it wasn’t real, though it felt like it. She remembers it as one of the scariest situations in her life…and it wasn’t even real…


#8. A Few Minutes of Terror

The first time this happened to Richard Prescott was when he decided to enjoy a nap during the day. He was lying on his side, facing away from the door, when he woke up to the sound of door closing.

He tried to turn around and see who entered his room, but he just couldn’t move. His eyes were wide with terror, as he could see everything in his room.

He could hear this “thing” walking around the room, sitting on his bed and could even feel the bed dip from the weight of this “thing,” who then shuffled toward Richard, feeling as if it began to spoon him, being very tall.

Richard tried to move very hard, but he kept lying still. This “thing” began breathing on Richard’s neck and tickling his back, then it stood up and simply left after a couple of minutes.

According to Richard, this experience was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to him.


#9. Sleep Paralysis During Exam Period

Naomi Speirs started experiencing sleep paralysis during the exam period on her first year at the university, which was an extremely stressful time for her.

The first time this happened to Naomi, she woke up with the feeling that she was being suffocated, as her bed was literally swallowing her up. The more she panicked and the faster her breathing and pulse became, the quicker she was disappearing into her bed, like a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Naomi couldn’t move a single muscle and of course she was unable to scream or make any sound, she was paralysed. But, after she calmed herself down, she kind of drifted out of her paralysis and woke up completely.

The second time that Naomi experiences a sleep paralysis, she awakens to see a very tall man standing by her door, holding something behind his back and moving towards her very slowly.

She couldn’t move nor make a sound and was paralysed again, just like during her first experience. There was nothing she could do, but let this horror pass as long as it took, until she’ll wake up…completely.


#10. It’s Dark and Sunny at the Same Time

Once, Sophie remembers falling asleep on the couch as she was watching a detective show on TV. She then woke up, sat up and was completely out of her body. She keeps trying to lay down back into her body in order to wake herself up, but she can’t and just stays asleep in this state.

She then decides to stand up and look out of the back door, but it was completely dark. She then went to the opposite side of the room and looked out of the front window. Now, it was bright, the sun was up and there was a little old lady sitting under a tree by the lake.

She was very confused and didn’t understand how this could be possible. Dark from one side and sunny on the other. She spent the next 10 minutes laying down and then sitting back up again, trying to attach herself back into her body and shake herself awake.

She thought that she didn’t get back into her body, that her body would die and her soul would continue to drift and wander, she just didn’t want to leave her living room. But, that is all that she remembers.

Of course being able to share this story, means she woke up eventually from this frightening experience.


#11. There’s Someone Hanging Right Above His Head!

At least once a week, Matthew can see and experience manifestations of horror in his bedroom. They range from random people just sitting on a chair at the bottom of his bed, to creepy old ladies and to swarms of flying bats or ants.

The worst and scariest thing that Matthew saw and experienced, was someone hanging right above his head! He was unable to move but was so terrified that he wanted to cry, but couldn’t as well. After this experience, Matthew says that he couldn’t and wouldn’t sleep in his room for several days.


#12. She Thought It Was Just a Nightmare

Fiona’s worst experience with sleep paralysis was after she’d been up all night, doing an essay.

When she finished her essay, she quickly dozed off and the next thing she knew, she was sure that she had completely woken up, only there was some kind of a demon looming over the end of her bed.

This demon didn’t have a face, but Fiona could feel it staring at her with its pure evil being. She tried hard and with her whole body to scream, but nothing came out and that only made her panic even more.

She felt as if this demon was about to attack her, then its head twitched to the side and it punched Fiona on her chest. She felt like this thing was suffocating her. She tried to close her eyes again and put all of her energy in waking up, moving her body, do anything for this horror to end, but at the meantime, this demon hallucination kept attacking her.

When Fiona was finally fully awake, she just lay in her bed about half an hour, shaking and about to cry. This experience was probably the scariest thing she has ever had to go through.

She thought that it was just a really vivid nightmare, until only a few months later, when she heard about sleep paralysis and understood that this is what actually happened to her that night.


#13. Being Dragged Down the Bed

Zoe experienced sleep paralysis a couple of times when she was a kid, but these events became really bad during her second year in the university.

She would wake up, unable to move yet feeling something sitting on her chest. It got even worse when she started seeing things, a dark figure in the corner of the room, watching her, and at times whispering things which got her even more horrified.

One time, this dark figure even dragged Zoe down the bed and she could do nothing to stop it, but somehow she managed to force herself to wake up and end this experience.

When she and her family moved out of the house after her second year in the university, her sleep paralysis experiences had stopped and she has only had two more episodes in the 6 years since then.


#14. Trying to Force Itself into Her Body

The first time that Charlotte had experienced sleep paralysis, she remembers waking up with an enormous pressure bearing down in her, accompanied with a loud and almost deafening buzzing sound in her ears.

She felt threatened, as if there was some kind of an evil entity or presence hovering above her, trying to force itself into her body and she was unable to fight it off. She even remembers trying to tell this entity to go away, leave her alone and that she wouldn’t let it have her.

Then, after some time, the sound in her ears faded away and the pressure eased as well. She could even move again. At the time, Charlotte had no idea about sleep paralysis and what is was and meant. Only after she stumbled upon an article about it, she realised what was this event and experience that she had and suffered from.

Even though she knows now that she is not being attacked by and evil force or entity, it is still terrifying when she experiences it, being stuck in that scary moment, unable to do anything except wait for it to end.


#15. Shifting from the Real World and the Dream World

Katty suffers from terrible hallucinations, and as she tries to fight her sleep paralysis, she sometimes flick back and forth between reality and her dream, so she can see her room and have her eyes open, but the creature from her nightmare is also in her room with her.

It is a horrible experience for Katty who actually feels as if she is being possessed, which makes her feel as if she’s going crazy, losing her mind. This paralysis used to last only a few seconds, but recently it’s getting longer and longer. It’s even more frightening when you’re aware and conscious of it, as you’re feeling trapped inside yourself for a long period of time, not knowing exactly how much time has passed and when this horror will end.

Katty wishes there was some kind of cure for this condition and that no one would have to go through it again. She claims that the best thing that she can do is trying to avoid technology before bed and make sure her bedtime is a set time every night to give her routine.


We hope you enjoyed our article and know now a little bit more what people experience and suffer from when sleep paralysis happens to them. Have something to share with us? Had a similar experience and want to share and talk about it? Comment below and let’s discuss.

Until then, have a wonderful and peaceful day!




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