Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to be Real


The truth and the facts that we hear about and are published may be boring at times, but they can also be a hoax, a cover story to the real stories that only key people know about.

Conspiracy theories are not new in this world and every few days, you stumble on a new conspiracy theory that comes to explain something you new for years, but may have been false.

Some conspiracy theories sound absurd and ridiculous, but maybe that is exactly what makes them so real, the disbelief that something like this could have happen. So, we here at Mysteriously Fascinating decided to look at the subject of conspiracy theories and share with you the ones that actually happened and therefore are not theories anymore, but the scary truth staring at you, right in your face!


#1. Project Sunshine

In the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the U.S. government commenced a major study in order to measure the effects of nuclear fallout on the human body.

The conspiracy: The government was stealing dead bodies and did radioactive testing on them.

The truth: The government was in fact stealing different parts of dead bodies. There was a need for young tissue, so the government recruited agents from all over the world for them to find recently deceased babies and children, and then take samples and at times limbs, collecting these body parts without notifying anyone and without permission of the families. At total, more than 1,500 families were affected by this horrible but real conspiracy.


#2. Poisoned Alcohol

The conspiracy: This conspiracy claims that during prohibition period in the US, the government decided to poison alcohol in order to keep people from consuming alcohol.

The truth: Different manufacturers of industrial alcohol were actually mixing the alcohol with various dangerous chemicals, only they did this for years and even before prohibition period began.

However, between the years 1926-1933, the federal government forced these manufacturers to use even stronger substances and poisons so it will discourage bootleggers from turning the alcohol into moonshine.

But, even this did not stop the bootleggers or their customers and by the end of the prohibition period, more than 10,000 Americans found their deaths due to poisoned alcohol.

A lot of the illegal alcohol was sold in various night spots known as ‘speakeasies’ as to talk quietly about a place as this and not alert to police.


#3. The Lady Who Ran the United States

The conspiracy: When United States president Woodrow Wilson suffered from a stroke, he was incapable of governing and so, his wife replaced him and acted as the real president.

The truth: President Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke right before the end of his presidency term, but the government felt that it was best for everyone, especially the country to keep it all quiet and not cause panic in the public.

It took months until the public learned that the president had a stroke, when during all this time, Wilson’s wife, Edith, was the one who made most of the executive decisions and thus was the president in action.

Overall, Edith Wilson was the actual president of the United States for more than a year.


#4. MK-ULTRA: Government Mind Control

The conspiracy: The conspiracy claims that during a top secret experiment, the government was testing LSD among other hallucinogenic drugs on the American public in order to study the effects of the drugs on behavior modification.

The truth: Also known as CIA mid control program, this was a real experiment that actually took place. It officially sanctioned in 1953 and was stopped in 1973.

Research included 80 participants from universities, colleges, prisons, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. It started with the CIA using volunteer, but very soon, participants in this study were being closed without their knowledge of it.

The experiment involved the use of drugs like LSD and other chemicals on participants, as well as techniques like hypnosis, isolation, sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse and other forms of torture, to study and induce mind control.

Many of the people who participated in this experiment left permanently mentally disabled.


#5. The Dalai Lama is not Who You Think He is

The conspiracy: The conspiracy claims that the Dalai Lama is actually a CIA agent!

The truth: During the 1960s, the Dalai Lama enjoyed a six-figure salary from the US government.

According to intelligence documents that were eventually declassified, the Dalai Lama earned no less than $180,000 for his connections with the CIA to fund the Tibetan Resistance, and later even started earning $1.7 million a year! The logic behind this operation, was to disrupt and hamper China’s infrastructure.


#6. The Government Was Following John Lennon

The conspiracy: John Lennon was under government surveillance and the FBI was spying on him.

The truth: John Lennon was considered by the government as a threat with his anti-war songs that did not go hand in hand with the philosophy and frame of mind of president Nixon, so the FBI started following him and putting him under surveillance.

In 1971, the FBI decided to put John Lennon under surveillance and the Immigration and Naturalization Service even tried to deport him in 1972.


#7. You Are Being Spied by the Government

The conspiracy: Technology is constantly evolving and the government uses it to spy on its citizens and track them.

The truth: According to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) which is a nonprofit organization with the purpose to defend civil liberties in the digital world and advices on matters of internet privacy, in 2016, government agencies sent no less than 49,868 requests for user date on Facebook social network, 27,850 requests to Google and 9,076 requests to Apple.


#8. Big Tobacco Companies Had the Knowledge that Cigarettes Caused Cancer

The conspiracy: For years and years, big tobacco companies knew that cigarettes caused cancer and decided to bury the evidence that smoking is in fact deadly.

The truth: At the beginning of the 1950s, research showed a clear link between smoking and lung cancer, but only in the late 1990s, Philip Morris tobacco companies admitted that smoking can cause cancer.


#9. Canada was Developing a “Gaydar”

The conspiracy: The government of Canada was paranoid about homosexuality and so, it tried to develop a “gaydar” machine.

The truth: During the 1960s, the government of Canada decided to hire a university professor to help them develop a machine that will know to detect homosexuality in federal employees.

The professor developed a machine that measured pupil dilation in response to erotic imagery of same sex. The government used this machine in order to fire more than 400 mean from the military, civil service and the Mounties.


#10. The US Government and The Illuminati Are Secretly Working Together

The conspiracy: The illuminati (a secret society that rules the world) and the US government are conspiring together in secret.

The truth: If you type the word illuminati backwords, which spells Itanimulli into a web browser, or Google it, the first search result you’ll see is the website of the National Security Agency (NSA)…just saying.


These were just some of the conspiracy theories that actually happened and took place in real life. We are sure there are a lot others and maybe even some that no ones knows about yet.

Have some conspiracy theory to sharer with us? Heard about something that may be true, but no ones believes you? Share in with us and comment below. Until then, always check your surroundings and know that not everything you see it the real or whole truth.




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