Haunted Roads in the World We Dare You to Drive


We never really think about the roads we drive on, the stories they tell, their history and experiences of other drivers on those roads, we just drive and at times take them for granted.

However, there are roads, streets, avenues and highways all over the world that take you on an unexpected journey. Roads that have been reported with strange and scary sightings, such as ghosts, strange beings, phantom hitchhikers and other phenomena that still can’t be explained.

These are some of the most haunted roads in the world we dare you to drive on.


#1. Morrow Road

Located in Michigan, Morrow Road is the two-lane road that most of it is bordered by think woods. This road is known for tales that date back to the 1950s about a ghost that haunts Morrow Road, the spirit of a young mother who is still searching for her lost or dead child.

The tale goes that in 1893, during a snowstorm, a woman went out in the middle of the night to search for her young child, a child that had wandered from the house. The woman failed to find her child and eventually froze to death.

The bodies of the mother and the child were never found, however, it is said that the spirits of the two still haunt the road to this very day. The area where the road goes through is also said to be ancient burial ground of the Indians.

It is believed that if you drive on Morrow road at midnight, park the car on the old bridge, and honk three times, the woman will appear and look to see if you have her child. According to stories, this woman wears a bloody white gown and has a very distorted face with no eyes. If for some reason you decided to run away from her, she will chase your car down the road and may even kill you.

There have also been reports of glowing orbs in the woods, and also sounds of a crying baby near the bridge. Some skeptics of the entire tale decided to drive out there one night in 1992.

They shut off the car and sat there for a minute. One of them honked the horn a few times and right away all of them heard the cries of the baby that was coming from underneath the bridge. Then, they all decided to get out of the car and lean over the guard rail.

The crying stopped, but they also couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly, somewhere out of the darkness, they heard a woman shout: ‘Where is my baby?!'”

Now, it’s your turn to drive that road and maybe stop there and honk the horn at midnight. Good luck!


#2. Highway 93

Highway 93, also known as “Blood Alley” runs though desolate desert northwest from Wickenburg up to Highway 40 near Kingman, just east of the Nevada border.

“Blood Alley” is a name that was given to the road by the locals, because of the tragic deaths and the all the lives that this road has claimed. Highway 93 is a winding, hilly road with many blind curves and almost no road shoulder room.

Because of the hills, there are also dead zones where there is no signal and thus cell phones do not work. On those parts of the road, there is also no radio reception except static. Another creepy thing about Highway 93, is that at times, you can travel the entire road and find out you’re the only one on it, without seeing any other vehicle on the road.

But this is nothing compared to what’s coming up next. Highway 93 road has a long history of tragedy. The entire road contains dots with small white crosses, and some parts contain a cluster of crosses that mark where an entire vehicle of people have died tragically. There is also one particular spot on the road that is marked with six white crosses, which means a family of six.

It is believed that Highway 93 is haunted by phantoms, and some people claim that they have encountered the Ghost of the Highwayman when they traveled south toward Wickenburg late one night.

According to the people who saw this ghost, there was a man who stepped out of the shadows, who was just over six feet tall, dressed in a black duster, jeans, and cowboy boots. He wore a black cowboy hat that was pulled down low, concealing his face.

This man or ghost held the lantern in front of him, just above his head. From the glow of the lantern, there was an old-time black Harley parked behind him. He took a step forward and as the people passed him, the apparition took a step back, disappearing back into the shadows with the lights going out.


#3. Stocksbridge Bypass

The Stocksbridge Bypass which was built around 1989, is located in England and nicknamed Killer Road.

Drivers have reported sighting on this road Small children playing under the overpass late at night, at times when children shouldn’t be up and certainly out. When security guards approached to check, the children vanished. Some workmen also claimed to have heard the singing of children in the spot.

Other sighting talks about the ghost of a monk-like figure that appears on the bridge, a figure that is simply watching. When police investigated the story and sighting, no answers arise and nothing turns up. There have even been scary and creepy reports of the same monk appearing out of nowhere and sitting next to drivers of passing cars!


#4. Tuen Mun Road

Tuen Mun Road is located in Hong Kong, south of Tia Lan Country Park.

This road which is modern in its standards is known for its extremely high number of car accidents, but the interesting, yet creepy fact, is that the drivers are not blaming the bad conditions of the road, or even other drivers who were part of these accidents, as they claim that the ones who are responsible for all these accidents… are ghosts!

There have been numerous reports of Phantom entities that jump out into the road in front of the cars, which forces drivers to swerve and crash. The belief, is that fatalities and victims who die on this road, continue to haunt it as ghosts.


#5. Highway 666

Highway 191 which was once known as Highway666, runs north south in southeastern Utah, from Crescent Junction to Mexican Water in Arizona.

It’s no surprise that a road with the number 666 in it is haunted, but Highway 666 which was also known as “Highway to Hell” had such a bad reputation, that a decision was made to change its name to Highway 191.

A number of strange, scary and creepy events and sightings have been reported along this long desert road. Here are some of them:

  • Speeding phantom cars that later disappear into thin air
  • Packs of vicious “devil dogs”
  • Reports of time distortion and missing time that many drivers reported about
  • Reports of a young girl walking along the highway, but when drivers stop to see if she needs any help, she simply vanishes
  • Flaming 16-wheeler that threatens to run directly into oncoming cars.

One driver reported about his experience on the road. He was alone, driving the road and hadn’t seen a car for miles and miles. Suddenly, he saw a truck that looked like it was on fire heading straight on a collision course with him, right down the middle of the highway.

This flaming truck was going so fast, that sparks were flying up off the wheels and flames were coming from the smokestack.

This of course scared the driver so bad, that he pulled his car way off the road and decided to walk about 20 feet into the desert, away from his own car and just waited for that evil truck to pass him, going what he thought was 130 miles an hour. When he calmed down a little, he got back to his car and continued his drive.

I wonder if he still drives this road today, but I wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t…


#6. Clinton Road

Clinton Road runs north-south from Warwick Turnpike to Rt. 23 in West Milford, New Jersey.

The road is considered to be the most haunted road in the state (according to Weird N.J.) with a famous legend of the Ghost Boy at the bridge at “Dead Man’s Curve”. The legend tells the story of the ghost of a young boy who lives under the bridge at this curve in the road, known as “Dead Man’s Curve”, and if you throw a coin into the stream below, it is said that the ghost will toss the coin back at you.

There are other creepy phenomena that were reported by different drivers. Among them are:

  • UFOs.
  • Mutated animals.
  • A set of eyes (maybe the eyes of a wolf) glowing in the night.
  • Satanists that hang out in the area.
  • A rumor about a group of albinos living in the woods.


#7. A229

A229 runs north-south near Maidstone, southeast of London, England.

An event that occurred in 1992, talks about a man (Ian Sharpe) that was driving on the A229 road from Sussex into Kent when suddenly, a girl dressed in white that he described as having “beautiful eyes” stepped out in front of his car. He was sure that he hit the girl and that she was now lying under his car, probably dead.

Sharpe Jumped from the car, shocked and speechless to see that there was no one under his car. No body, no girl and no white dress. He searched the entire area and even considered that what he might have hit was an animal and not a girl, but again, there was no evidence of anything wrong.

As time passed by, local police officials got similar reports from different other drivers, all of them claiming to run into a woman in white, yet no body was ever found.

The legend claims that this woman drivers see is the ghost of Judith Langham, who was killed on this road in a car accident on her wedding day, hence the white dress that drivers report her wearing, as she was wearing her wedding dress the day of the horrible accident.


#8. M6 Motorway

M6 is the longest roadway in England, stretching 230 miles from Swinford at its southern point all the way up to Carlisle near the Scottish border in the north.

There were various paranormal events and phenomena that have been reported by drivers along this long highway, among them are:

  • A legion of Roman soldiers marching along the side of the road.
  • The ghost of a woman trying to hitch a ride.
  • A big truck that zooms the wrong way down the road.
  • Creepy eyes peering out from bushes, which was the site of a mining disaster.


#9. Dead Man’s Curve

Don’t be mistaken with Clinton Road’s “Dead Man Curve” as this is a different one, but I guess the name fits here as well. This Dead Man’s Curve is part of the junction of routes 222 and 125, east of Cincinnati.

The road has a deadly reputation, that probably started in October, 1969. That is when five teenagers were all killed on this curve by another car that was speeding. Since that event in 1969, it is said that the ghost of a “faceless hitchhiker” haunts this intersection, with different drivers reporting the shape of a man shape on the side of the road.

This man (or apparition) looked like he was hitchhiking, with his arm sticking up. He or it wore a blue shirt, light-colored pants, had long hair but a blank, flat surface where his face should be.

When drivers look back, this figure vanishes and is not there anymore.


#10. Kelly Road

Kelly Road (SR 4043) runs north-south in Industry near Ohioville, just east of the Ohio border.

The road is also known as “the Mystery Mile,” as a one-mile section of this road seems to exhibit weird phenomena and have paranormal effects. What exactly do you ask?

When animals and pets enter this part of the road, they suddenly become vicious and violent with no apparent cause, when all the time being peaceful prior to entering this part. One farmer said that the pets and animals just went crazy, making all kinds of noise and racket and then, suddenly, they would stop and he wouldn’t hear anything for the rest of the night. When the farmer would check on the animals in the morning, he would find his bales (of hay) torn to shreds and scattered everywhere.

Other domesticated animals have been known to chase other animals and even people. One evening, a man wjo lived nearby as a boy went for a walk, and about half a mile into the walk, he heard chickens cackling. When he turned around, he saw no less than eight or nine chickens charging at him, which force him to run, but the chickens did not let go and kept on chasing him. He said that these chickens came out of nowhere, but once he passed the mile area of that road, they simply stopped. A few days later, the same exact thing happened to him, only this time it was goats who chased him, not chickens.

Other weird cases about this section of the road include reports of wispy white apparitions along the heavily wooded section of the road, as well as noises emanating from the woods that cannot be explained.

There’s also a story about the ghost of The Angry Boy of Mystery Mile. The legend has it, that one night a woman decided she was sick of being so scared and so, forced herself to get up. go to the window and look out at her back yard.

The woman saw someone there and although it was pitch black outside, she could see that apparition as if it was daylight. The face of the boy was pale white and his eyes were so sad. Even though that boy was so far away from her, for some reason, she knew what his face looked like. But what was more amazing were his clothes, which seemed to belong decades ago, as if this kid is from the past, way back.


These are some of the most haunted roads in the world and their stories. Do you know of other haunted roads and maybe have driven there? Have you experienced weird, scary or creepy things and events driving these roads or maybe others? Let us know below, comment with your thoughts, insights and personal experience and let’s open this up for discussion.




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